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R. S. Auto Industries

  • "Diligence is an investment that brings greater dividend in form of success in due course of time. One needs to make consistent and sincere efforts to meet realistic goal. You should make best of efforts to achieve higher goals in life. Always remain hopeful and be a sincere & smart effort maker then you will emerge as a winner."

    Mr Surinder Mehta (M.D.)
    R.S. Auto Industries

    Automobile industry is among the booming sectors in the country. R.S. Auto industries is a well established name in the arena of manufacturing and supplying of automobile parts and fasteners. Company has well developed infrastructure that includes most modern manufacturing facility equipped with latest machines and equipments that are environment friendly by being energy efficient and cost effective. Company is well established and is highly acclaimed name for providing wide range of products that are highly durable, robust, less prone to wear and tear and corrosion resistant.

    Company has a large clientele base for providing highly durable and reliable auto parts at much competitive prices. Most proficient and efficient workforce is going a long way to produce flawless products with much of dexterity. Company is also offering tailor made products as per the specification of the esteemed customers.
    We have grown exponentially under the dynamic and visionary leadership of its proprietor Mr Surinder Mehta. He is stalwart of the industry and is fully aware of the nitty-gritty of manufacturing procedures and complexities of marketing strategies. His relentless efforts have borne fruits and company has accomplished feats, only very few players could manage in such a short span of time since its establishment in the beginning of this millennium.

    In order to learn more about the company and its future plans we have conducted an interview with the Mentor of the company, Mr Surinder Mehta. Here are the excerpts of the interview wherein he has elaborately talked about company’ policies and plans.

    Q. Is it your family business or you have started on your own?
    A. R. S. Auto Industries is our family business and I have only added further chapters in the success story of this well-established name. As you are aware of Ludhiana is the hub of automobile industry and we have been catering to this industry very efficiently and thus registering very handsome growth.

    Q. What inspired you to enter into this particular business?
    A. Since it was family business so as is the practice in India children and suppose to take the baton from their family seniors to lead the company. As I foresee good growth opportunities, I feel determined to follow the footsteps of our forefathers as automobile industry in India was still a nascent stage of growth then and now.

    Q. what age you started this business?
    A. I started this business at quite young age of eighteen. I learnt the lesson of business through practical exposures. To my mind bookish knowledge enriches your knowledge but real time practical experience make you learn the typical and complex way of climbing the ladder with great success.

    Q. What are your products and services?
    A. We are in the business of manufacturing automobile spare parts for different types of vehicles including agricultural and multi-utility vehicles. We have established a very strong foothold in the very competitive Indian automobile industry. Our robustly constructed products much admired and well accepted in the market for traits like high durability and reliability and competitive price.

    Q. How are your products / services different from the existing ones in the market?
    A. Our products are class apart in term of quality and price. We use latest technology to produce innovative products that meet the high expectations of the esteemed clients in terms of good functional performance and reasonable price. We also offer most prompt and efficient aftermarket services to our valued clients.

    Q. What changes have you made to compete in the present market context?
    A. We have been continuously upgrading our manufacturing unit with installation of latest machines and equipments. Latest machines are playing key role in achieving the economy of scales and improving the quality of products.

    Q. What problems does your manufacturing/trading sector face nowadays?
    A. Fast fluctuating price of raw material and primary ingredients pose a great challenge to keep prices in control as customer don’t buy our ideas of increased rates for the raw material, it is very difficult to make them understand that it is compulsion for manufacture to increase the price and they are not doing so maximize their profits.

    Q. What rebate or support does your business segment need from government?
    A. Inflation is playing great havoc with the small and medium enterprises as they are facing very difficult situations like rampant increase in prices of primary ingredients, labour problem and power cuts. We wish government could do a great deal by solving these basic problems. Liberal labour law and tax policies will go a long to help entrepreneurs.

    Q. Have you achieved any quality management certificates (ISI, ISO, etc.)?
    A. We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company adheres to stringent quality norms and checks the quality of products at every level of production. We produce products conforming to high national and international quality standards. Our quality checking regimen starts from the day of procuring raw material till the product is safely packaged.

    Q. What do you do in case of financial crunch or slowdown?
    A. We are on sound financial wicket, even if some eventuality arises we would like to generate money be lending from reputed banks to meet the financial crunch. In economic slowdown situation, we try our level best to cut cost of production and by decreasing the price and increasing the sales volume.

    Q. Are you worried from the MNC’s / Chinese products?
    A. We are not at all worried about the presence of MNC’s and Chinese products. In comparison to former our products are much cheaper with very little difference in quality and whereas Chinese products are no match to us in terms of quality. So we have an edge over the MNC’s products as our products are cheaper in price but are as good as their products. We have defeated the Chinese products as our products much superior in quality with marginal rise in price.

    Q. Are you also into export business? If yes, what is your area of export?
    A. After making our presence felt at the domestic front, we have started exporting to potential markets in Middle East and African countries besides targeting the USA markets. We are continuously looking forward to expand our business periphery everywhere across the globe.

    Q. What is the key to success in business in the present context?
    A. Winning faith and trust of the esteemed clients is very much important for the business to grow. The same can be achieved by offering best quality products at much competitive prices. Good and efficient after sales services also go a long way to retain the existing customers and satisfied customers act as big asset for any company as word of mouth publicity brings more and more customers under its umbrella.

    Q. What is the role of luck in business?
    A. Diligence pay great dividend and people who put in sincere efforts are bound to be lucky eventually. It is matter of time when hardwork is rewarded with success.

    Q. What is your future business plan?
    A. We wish to expand our production line by offering more and more auto parts for different vehicles made under different brands. With automobile industry growing reasonably well there is more than enough demand for automobile spare parts.

    Q. What is the role of publicity in business expansion?
    A. Publicity is the most effective tool to promote products and services among large number of clients. Publicity is playing very vital role in making products and services popular among the end users. Product sales cannot be enhanced to the desired extent if proper investment is not made on making it popular among the targeted people.

    Q. Do you believe in God? How does it influence your business life?
    A. Everything on this earth is blessed by the Almighty and without God’s Grace nothing is possible in this world. We should remain thankful to the super natural power that has bestowed lot upon us of prosperity and we should help those who are not very lucky to be on the better side of the planet.

    Q. What responsibilities do you feel towards the society and fellow citizens?
    A. We try our level best to help our fellow citizens who are in need. India is developing country and there are millions and millions of people who don’t have square meal to eat so it becomes the responsibility of each of one me to assist them in their hour of need. We are also much concerned about environment and thus use environment machines and equipments that are energy efficient.

    Q. How do you like to enjoy vacations?
    A. I would like to go on vacation with family with main motive to explore the nature. Destination could well be a hilly station, seashore, desert or any natural site that is soothing but still exciting.

    Q. What is your message for the business people?
    A. Diligence is an investment that brings greater dividend in form of success in due course of time. One needs to make consistent and sincere efforts to meet realistic goal. You should make best of efforts to achieve higher goals in life. Always remain hopeful and be a sincere & smart effort maker then you will emerge as a winner.

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