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J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2014 study reveals that car users like the same tyre which the manufacturer has used originally

  • As per J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2014 India original equipment Tyre Customer Satisfaction Index (TCSI) Study, Vehicle owners in India prefer to replace their tyres of the same brand which was originally used by the manufacturer. Customer retention for original equipment (OE) tyre brands has increased steadily during the past three years to 65 percent in 2014 from 57 percent in 2012.

    "Brand familiarity and perceptions of safety are key drivers of tire purchases,” said Mohit Arora, executive director, J.D. Power Asia Pacific. “The majority of vehicle owners tend to refit the same brand of tyres as their OE fitment because of familiarity and perceptions of safety, assuming that the vehicle manufacturer would have tested the tyres on critical quality and safety parameters before fitment."

    Satisfaction with original tyre brands is directly correlated with customer loyalty and advocacy. Customers who are highly satisfied (916 points and higher on a 1,000-point scale) are more than twice as likely to recommend or repurchase their current brand as highly dissatisfied customers (782 and below). The study, now in its 14th year, measures satisfaction among original equipment tyre owners during the first 12 to 24 months of ownership across four factors (listed in order of importance): appearance, durability, traction/handling and ride.

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