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Verified Members

About Verified Member:

The verified member certifications is the most vital means to know credential of, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Importers, Exporters, distributors, etc. Latest technological advancements, especially in information technology have brought about revolution in bringing the business information available at the click of a button. It is playing key role in expanding the global business in a big way. There is very intense competition in the market a single product produced by a number of producers thus posing very tough competition in the market. It is very difficult to choose one among so many choices and some of them are obscure and therefore are not trustworthy.

Buyers throughout the world have great many apprehensions about making wrong, ridiculous and awkward purchasing and other business transactions. Under these perilous circumstances the verified member criteria under the aegis of, offering business solutions for the business owners and the buyer across the world. is among the most renowned, reliable, trusted and most visited B2B platform for automobile parts and components manufacturers and suppliers. Verified membership is assigned after most comprehensive checking and inspection of the business documents and past and present business status of the company.
Our Verified member concept is of great relevance and importance for business fraternity engaged in various business activities in automobile sector. is the excellent and exclusive online B2B Global Platform for both buyers and manufacturer and exporter of wide range of diverse products in automobile sector.

What does Verified Member mean?
The Verified Member is enlisted after thoroughly checking the credentials of the business company. The verified membership is assigned to those companies whose records are verified in terms of credentials, specialities, quality standards, business ethics, aftermarket services, Business goodwill status.

Why Verified Member?
The Verified Member certifications facilitates business growth by offering foolproof information regarding the business players thus encouraging the buyers to select those manufacturer and supplier whose details are verified and are found to be trusted and worthy parties. This specializing concept offers customers the assurance about the quality of products and reasonable price.

What is the utility of Verified Member certification?
The is excellent and most effective B2B platform for both buyers and manufacturers and suppliers. Verified Member get the adequate exposure for their products and buyers get the excellent quality products at most competitive prices. So verified certification from certainly boosts your chances of business growth as every buyer wishes to make purchase from trusted players.

Process of Verification: ensures that the Manufacturers/ Importers/Exporters/ Suppliers / Vendors on our network with Verified Member status have been allotted the same after obtaining a Copy Verifiable Credentials. We have stringent process where manufacturers and suppliers have to submit a attested copy of specified documents which are basically the legal evidence of entity's credentials based on certain credibility parameter. After obtaining the documents, properly checks the documents for their authenticity and thus gives the “Verified Member” status to the business player.

Business Players have to submit following basic documents for verified membership at our portal:

  • Name of the Company and Year of Inception (A Certified Copy of Certificate of Incorporation, Partnership Deed, etc.)
  • Telephone Numbers Proof with certified copy of the latest telephone bills in the name of business player.
  • Address Proof the Business Entity like ownership documents.
  • Income Tax Registration / PAN Number
  • IEC Code (If Any)
  • Service Tax Registration (If Any)
  • Banker Details
  • Sales Tax / TIN Number (If Any)
  • RBI Code Number, etc (If Any)

Other Documents

  • Quality Certifications (If Any)
  • Anti Child Labour Certifications (If Any)
  • Environment Friendly Product and Business Entity, etc.

After thoroughly going through the claimed credentials, offers “Verified Member” status to a business player.

Advantages of Verified Member
Verified Member on our portal has lot of advantages as business player who have taken verified membership on our portal will get excellent exposure. Our verified member may get following benefits:

Excellent exposure to potential buyers:
Verified Member comes in contact with potential buyers who are searching for reliable and trusted sellers. You can avail excellent access to the trade leads posted by wide gamut of buyers, who have earned good reputation in the market by offering excellent quality automobile products at most reasonable prices. Your access to Trade Leads posted by diverse buyers is then boundless, which can offer you extremely extensive opportunities for further continuous contact and the exclusive privilege of sending instant quotations.

Get priority listing in all buyer searches:
Verified Member’s products are give priority listing in our all search directories certified member. Such listings enable you to focus easily on updating of your product catalog because we always make sure that buyers prominently see & notice what you are selling.

Catch the attention of potential Buyers:
Majority of buyers on show priority to deal with Verified Members of our portal. Our Verified Member logo is displayed on your information site on our portal. This improves your chances to do business as buyers very often look for verified manufacturers and suppliers who have good track record of producing flawless products at most reasonable prices.

Continuous and effective promotion:
The Verified Member certifications provide each business player an easy-search website displaying their Company information and Products details. Moreover all Verified Member enjoy the privilege of displaying an unrestricted number of Selling Leads and Product Photos on

Categories of Verified Members:
Verified Members are categorized into four categories, namely, Diamond Membership, Gold Membership, Silver Membership and Bronze Membership. These memberships bring numerous benefits to the business players. You are going to get pre set services and advantages for being assigned for a particular membership. The level and extent of business support depends on your hierarchy of membership.

Send a formal Request for enlisting: All our business members are supposed to avail this pioneering concept of Verified Member optimally and most lucratively. Interested business players may forward their all business related documents and credentials to us as quickly as possible.

Why Verification:

Online Marketing has become a trend the world over thus internet media has become the most effective platform for companies. Well-established and renowned companies are given preference over the newly launched companies. Third party involvement become mandatory to verify the claims of a particular vendor and thereby making the verification as step in boosting up buyers up trust on our most vital online platform

Verification is mandatory to ensure:

  • Vendor’s real existence along with the claimed credentials
  • Whether Vendor is capable of executing the buy order with his present infrastructure
  • Minimization of risk by allowing buyers to make informed choices about the vendors
  • To make search of vendor easier if turns a defaulter
  • To establish trust bond between buyers and seller on network
  • Verified member has an edge over non-verified member
  • Verified Member getting enhanced listings on network
  • Trusted Member get more qualified and more number of leads over a non Verified Member
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