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BMW's i Solar Carport Concept

  • The BMW Group and their design arm, DesignworksUSA have developed a solar carport concept where all BMW 'i' models can be charged. At the international media launch of the 18 in Los Angeles recently, BMW also included a presentation of this solar carport concept. The carport combines high-grade technology for generating electricity from solar power with an innovative design suited for BMW's 'i' models. The solar carport not only guarantees the supply of green power but also allows for energy self-sufficiency, so that customers do not need to worry about electricity prices. The carport features a BMW i Wallbox Pro, which allows the cars to be specifically charged with only solar electricity from the carport. The Wallbox also indicates the amount of solar energy that goes into the car and provides an analysis of recent charging processes, which shows the respective proportions of solar and grid power. If the solar panels provide energy beyond the requirements of the vehicle, this surplus solar power can also be put to domestic use elsewhere. The glass-on-glass solar modules of the carport are also meant to look nice and they are supported by exclusively designed bamboo and carbon elements that reflect the hallmark lines and surface sculpting of BMW i models.

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