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Cognex DS1100 Facilitates 3D Product Inspection

  • Cognex has released the DS1100, leir latest product entry into D vision space. Shown for the rst time in India at ACMEE 2014 exhibition in Chennai last month, the DS1100 3D sensor optimises product quality by providing three-dimensional inspection of the products. Compact and industrially designed for even the harshest factory environment, it also includes Cognex's vision software with a powerful new 3D tool set.

    The system is a structured light 3D scanner with a single laser line light source and single receiver. It is a. line scan technology so either the target must be moved across the camera's scanning area or vice-versa. It comes as a single factory-calibrated unit with Z-resolution as small as 7 microns. The system is programmed using Cognex VisionPro software, giving full access to Cognex's tools on the topographical image that is captured, allowing such solutions as performing OCR - Optical Character Recognition - on embossed or raised characters. Typical 2D applications can now be done in the 3D world. Part defects can be measured as surface defects, area measurements can be expanded to volume measurements, and 2D location can now include a 'Z' (height) component.

    The DS100 system, with key features like inspection and measurement in 3D (volume, height, tilt, OCR), results in real world units (in mm, calibrated to micron level accuracy), contrast independent inspection (dark object on dark background), ability to combine 3D and 2D.

    cameras, industrial IP65 housing and fast scan rates of 10 kHz, calibrates real- world units of measurement for inspections too difficult to perform with traditional two-dimensional machine vision. The factory calibrated DS1100 provides results in real units of measurements with micron level accuracy. Unlike traditional 2D machine vision, the system provides a topographical representation of the part, from which one can measure 3D features such as length, width, height, tilt or volume relative to any surface. Says Sunil Vaggu, Marketing Specialist at Cognex Corporation, "The DSllOO 3D displacement sensor reads raised and embossed DOT characters on an automotive tyre." He draws attention to how the DSllOO uses laser triangulation technology to capture topographical information from whatever surface it's scanning.

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