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iMAAP is an innovative Software Solution for the evaluation of road traffic crash data

  • In modern times, nothing is untouched from the reach of technology , India have adopted the iMAAP and iMAAP Mobile Solutions for the management of road accident data for their hilly state. Designed and developed by TRL, the UK′s Transport Research Laboratory, iMAAP is a powerful new software solution for the management, analysis and evaluation of road traffic crash data.

    The iMAAP Mobile Solutions are based on several latest technology platforms to enable the road authorities and managements with real-time road traffic data in case when any accident or disaster happens. The innovative software is accessible on both tablet computers and mobile phones that also aids the police department with powerful analytical tools for identifying accident trends and cluster sights within just a moment, which is useful especially when climatic conditions are not in favor.

    Undoubtedly, the introduction of this new digital weapon will aid the Himachal Police to act well as natural disasters like landslides and cloudbursts are common like a day-to-day happening in that particular region. The praiseworthy development is supported by World Bank and was recently launched by the Himachel Pradesh Secretary of State for Transport in Shimla.

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