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Kingcoo Auto Accessories Manufacturing Co. develops Alloy Steel Engine Protection Plate

  • With increasing traffic on the roads, accidents due to collision are also very much common. After 6 years of relentless R & D efforts Kingcoo Auto Accessories Manufacturing Co. has developed Alloy Steel Engine Protection Plate (Skid Plate) made of alloy plastic steel and stainless steel. These skid plates are suitable for cars such as off-road cars, racing cars and performance cars that face high risk of collisions while moving in high speed. The plate has weight ranging from 2.5 kg to 3.5 kg with a thickness of 5 mm.
    Features and benefits of the plate:

    Safety for Driver: In case of head on collision patent design of ear mounting holes will beak under the weight of the engine, and then the engine smoothly sinks which enhances the safety of the driver.

    Enhance the Life of the Engine: The alloy steel engine protection plate prolongs the life of the engine, reduce the damage and ensure safety.

    Safeguard the Engine: The skid plate give protection to engine when collision take place.

    Robust and elastic construction: The plate has high toughness, good elasticity and rust resistance.

    Compact seal: The compact sealing design protect engine from water, sand, dirt and debris.

    Offer Comforts: With the use of this plate vehicle chassis, resonance phenomenon takes place without noise.

    Much lighter in weight: The newly launched plate is ¼ the weight of the traditional engine protection plate, that fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

    Latest technology use: The latest American high temperature WDT technology is used for mould.

    Skid plate is available in the range of 31- 50 US $. It is given with a guarantee of 3 years for distributors and 5 years for agents.

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