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Volkswagen coming up with new Family of efficient Fuel Engines

  • Volkswagen the pioneering and flagship company in automobile arena has developed a new family of petrol engines using the latest technologies to achieve high fuel efficiency. The company′s R & D department consist of technocrats who have technical dexterity to produce fuel saving vehicles.

    Electrically assisted forced ­induction technology is being used by Audi, the subsidiary of Volkswagen group with a twin ­ turbo V6 engine back in 2012, like the one Ford uses in its 1.0 Litre EcoBoost engines. This technology uses an electrically driven turbo to force air into the engine at low speeds, eliminating turbo lag, reducing the stress on the engine and subsequently improving the performance and efficiency.

    Engine start­stop and cylinder deactivation are two technologies that have already been brought into production cars. While all the above technologies have been successful in concept cars, Audi has been extensively researching with ′Variable Compression Ratios′, a technology which has so far proved tricky to be implemented in cars.

    Euro Regulations call for introducing efficiency norms for cars, developing new methods of getting more out of the engines from less. However, these efforts do help the environment all this modernization seems to come at a price. Different manufacturers are extensively developing new methods of getting more out of the engines from less.

    These environment friendly technologies come at a cost and manufacturers have to invest huge amounts in developing these engines. Pioneering companies have been discovering newer techniques to reduce emissions and improve efficiency, all the while getting better performance out of their products. All major automobile leaders, Ford leading the pack and the GM and Suzuki have taken measures to develop small capacity turbocharged petrol engines for their next hatchback.

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