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Auto Tips

  • Don't miss the discounts on your car purchase

    "Customer is the king" is the mantra of current era. Gone are the days of monopoly, today you can choose to buy from a huge range of manufacturers who provide you the similar quality at competitive pr....... Read More

  • Essentials of Good Driving

    Some Essentials of Good Driving are as follows: Concentration: Mind is very complex organ and it start thinking anything at any point of time. But it i....... Read More

  • Things that You Should Not Do After a Car Accident

    Car accident could be minor or major; sometimes it spoils the whole day. It may result into inconvenience of missing work or a crucial appointment. You also have to deal with the damage to your car an....... Read More

  • An Adequate Driving Distance

    It is very relevant question that what should be the adequate distance between two cars when moving on the roads. Braking much depends on driver′s reaction time and reflexes and the average huma....... Read More

  • How Airbags make your driving safe and secure

    Here we introduce you to few tips on airbags, which play vital role to save your precious life if your vehicle has met an accident. Airbag Light: This is red symbol on....... Read More

  • Be a responsible and alert Passenger

    There is much discussion on how to be a good driver but there is minimal discussion on passenger traits and how he can make a big difference in safe driving. It pays more to be good passenger as good....... Read More

  • Auto parts Manufacturing Date Matters

    We generally do not bother to check the manufacturing and expiry dates of the auto parts but we should make it a practice to check the manufacturing and expiry date of anything we buy auto part is not....... Read More

  • How to Get Duplicate RC Papers?

    It is very common incidents when the vehicle owner lost their vehicle′s paper or the document are damaged. It is mandatory to have RC Paper otherwise your vehicle may be seized by the concerned....... Read More

  • Monsoon Precautions for Car Users

    During raining season there is considerable increase in road accidents, owing to poor visibility and sometimes reckless driving by people and bad conditions of the roads due to bad condition of the ro....... Read More

  • Car Buying Tips

    Many a times we hear people talking that I have made the wrong choice by purchasing so and so car. We need to look into pros and cons of car prior to purchasing. Sometimes we are driven by the special....... Read More

  • Alloys Wheels

    Alloy Wheels offer better heat dissipation under braking due to improved airflow through the larger gaps between the spokes thus resulting into enhanced life of brake system. Because of their lighter ....... Read More

  • Winter Days Care for your Car

    Car needs special care in winters. Car owner needs to take special measures to take extra care of the car. Some simple tips go a long way to take care of your car during winters. Use alco....... Read More

  • Car Safety Clues

    Preventive measures minimize the probability of a breakdown. However, it is better to be prepared and it is not possible to overrule the chances in full. Carry a advance warning triangle. It is quite ....... Read More

  • Myths about Car Maintenance

    Incomplete is dangerous so when in doubt the best bet is to ask someone. Even if you may think it may sound silly, you should not hesitate to ask. At the end of the day it is your car and there are an....... Read More

  • Guidelines for Driving Safely on Hills

    There is big difference between plain driving and hill driving. A good driver at plains need not necessarily be good hill driver. Most driver even don′t know what gear to use or how to avoid o....... Read More